Questions To Ask Your New Website Design Company

The work of conceptualization, planning and then executing it in form of layout, colours, structures, graphics etc is what website design companies do. They will make your website an interactive one in order to attract more and more visitors to your site.

There are many prominent web designing companies like Framework are present and many more new ones are coming up. It is always difficult to choose between bunches of best.

The basis of choosing new website designing company

Here come some of the important questions listed whose answers you should consider before choosing the best new website design company.

  1. What are the services provided by you?
  2. What type of designs you provide pre-made templates or can be customized?
  3. Can you give some name of companies or ventures you have designed till date?
  4. Can you provide us with feedback or reviews about the results you got from your previous work?
  5. What are the strategies you are going to employ in order to collect revenue for my website?
  6. Can you review my present website and analyze its present performance previous to make design decisions for my website?
  7. What are your policies while you build websites for others, be it my competitor?
  8. How well my project will be managed?
  9. What amount of time you are going to devote in order to analyze my market and that of my competitors?
  10. What are your strategies while working on my website?
  11. Can you provide me with the details of qualification and experience of those working upon my project?
  12. How much time do you require to complete developing my website?
  13. How many pages will be required in order to put all the details on my website?
  14. What is the backup if I don’t like the initial set of design?
  15. Will my website be flexible enough so that I can expand it with the growth of my business?
  16. What is the price lists for your services?
  17. Will my website will be compatible with devices other than computers like Smartphone, tablets etc?
  18. Is the optimization of search engines into my website is inbuilt?
  19. What is your basis for determining the keywords for the website?
  20. What content management system do you have?
  21. Is your managing team of content is proprietary or an open source?
  22. Is there is any warranty provided by your company?
  23. Is integrating social media is possible on my website?
  24. Is web hosting services provided by you?

One such web designing company fulfilling all the quarries is Framework. They are known to be the most creative web designing company dedicating quality website.


Your website represents your company as a whole. Your company’s website is the strategic page where from you convey your ideologies so it needs to be perfect. Hence choose the best Framework new web design company which has the ability to deliver your content the best.

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