LH-Crypto – another crypto deception or a decent broker for trading?

LH-Crypto is the first crypto broker that is a project of the Larson&Holz broker. The company has been operating in the investment market for more than 14 years and has established itself only on the positive side, therefore it has millions of customers from 50 world countries.

In just one year of operation, LH-Crypto has already become the most popular marginal broker with high leverage, high-quality trading terminal MetaTrader5, favorable trading conditions and professional employees who are ready to help every client.

So what will the client get when he chooses the LH-Crypto broker? First, it is a complete package of investment instruments, you can trade in stocks of many world companies, precious metals, various raw materials and a highly liquid crypt. Secondly, it is possible to create a wide range of currency pairs from different currencies, the creation of synthetic pairs from the combination of a crypt and real objects (raw materials / metal). The service provides an opportunity to earn both on the fall of the virtual currency rate and on the growth. Traditionally, to make money on a crypto currency, you should buy it at a high percentage at a low price, wait for the growth rate and sell it to the buyer, who needs to be found quickly. This kind of earnings is simply woven of risk. After all, the course can go down, and the buyer will not be found in a matter of minutes, or you will face the problem of withdrawing funds. And on the LH-Crypto online platform, there will be no need to look for a buyer at all, you just need to make a forecast, and the withdrawal of funds from the trading account is automatic with integrated payment systems.

Crypto traders of any level of training will be satisfied with loyalty programs and exclusive offers. For example, for beginners there is an opportunity to open a demo account, registration is free, and there are already 50,000 virtual euros in the account, you can invest them and thereby try out all the broker’s tools. For those who have long been trading on the stock exchanges, there is a margin trading program with a premium leverage of 1: 500. Crypto traders can create anonymous accounts and pay less for the transfer of transactions for a day.

And now more about the accounts that can be opened on LH-Crypto:

  • Demo. No risk, as they do not invest their own funds. On a deposit of 50,000 euros and a leverage of 1: 100. It is a demo, so withdrawals are unavailable;
  • Start. An account for traders who have already practiced, but are not willing to risk large sums. A deposit of 10 euros with a leverage of 1:40 in the crypt and 1: 200 in Forex. Automatic withdrawal of funds; daily limit on withdrawal of funds: 300 for the crypt, for fiat currency – 1000;
  • Standard. For experienced investors. A deposit of 1000 euros with a leverage on the crypt 1: 100, 1: 500 according to Forex, respectively. Limits: 2000 euros in crypto currency, 5000 in Forex;
  • About. For professional traders. A deposit of 25,000 euros. Leverage is 1:20 and 1: 100, with a withdrawal of 25,000/50000 euros.

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