Get Your Business Organised with a Commercial Laundry Service

There are some businesses that use a lot of linens on a daily basis. Restaurants and hotels provide guests with everything they need during the time they are on the premises. Linens are a big part of keeping the environment clean. This can be anything from cloth napkins to luxurious sheets in a five-star hotel. When you own a business that uses these items, you must get a schedule started with a laundry service before you ever open your doors. Your needs may change over the years and a professional service can help you stay organised.

Cleaning Supplies

In a world of disposable items, you may be surprised to find out that most businesses still use cloth rags to clean things. Walk into a restaurant early in the morning and you may see everyone with a rag in hand, wiping down every table and chair. Before the customers ever arrive, many washcloths may already be in the hamper. This continues more throughout the day. Aprons and cloth napkins from customers may be added to the pile, as well. Hotels may also need washcloths to supply to guests, and cleaning cloths for staff members. Commercial laundry companies can help you determine what days are best for pickup at your location.


It is not possible to get everything sanitised onsite, in most situations. The volume of items, alone, would require staff dedicated to laundry around the clock. Hotels have people checking in and out daily. Each room may have several towels, washcloths, and sheets that need to be washed. These also have to be sanitised, not just washed. It is not as simple as throwing these items in a washing machine. Professional companies may use heat or special solutions to make sure that every item is returned in a sanitary condition. This helps to protect your business by providing safe items for your guests.

Make a Schedule

It can be difficult to get on the right schedule, as your needs may change at different times of the year. It may be a good idea to schedule a Monday laundry pickup after a busy weekend. This can also ensure that you have the items back before the next weekend rush. Some restaurants may need clean towels and napkins daily. During the summer season, when people are traveling, businesses are likely to use many more cloth products. Take a look at sales to see what is generally your busiest day of the week. You can plan a laundry pickup for the morning after this day to get things back under control. Extra laundry days can often be added later on if more are necessary.

A laundry service is a great help for businesses that reuse napkins, towels, and sheets. These items must be sanitised properly so the next guest can use them safely. Napkins go on people’s mouths. Cleaning cloths are used to clean tables where people have placed used utensils. No one wants to sleep on sheets or use towels that a stranger has used, either. Proper cleaning of the laundry is a necessity to protect customers. Get on the scheduled route with a local cleaning service.

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