Few Basic Things To Know About Custom Packaging

Are you interested in entering the business of subscription box? It can be quite exciting and rewarding yet at the same time quite confusing too. You may have to encounter many different challenges like selecting the right package, which make your clients either too happy or he may even scream at you.

Therefore, you need to know about custom boxes and branded packaging in a little more detail, so that you understand the finer points of this business. So, in this article let’s get to understand the few basics of custom packaging.

Custom packaging

You may be having a perfect business with a nice website and you have made good number of regular customers too. However, you have plain and boring boxes with little information printed on them that you need to ship to your customer who is eagerly waiting to receive your products. You will surely agree that this is not an ideal way to make proper presentation of your company. Don’t you think very soon someone else will outsmart you in the competition?

What you really need is the right kind of custom packaging which will turn your plain and boring boxes into something full of fun and also help you to promote your business even further. The new design can fit your product perfectly. It can also contain certain important message about your business and simultaneously promote your brand. Following are few ways that can really push your presentation of custom packaging from “blah” to “wow”.

  • Use cardboard box

Whether your product size is small or big, you must use the same well-known brown colored cardboard box, such boxes can be very good for any fragile item, particularly if you can pack it securely inside the box.

  • Use little bit creativity in the box

If it fits well in your budget then you can use certain wooden boxes that looks almost like crates so that your customer will also feel happy to receive it.

  • Use pad or bubble mailer

If your product is smaller in size then this type of package can be suitable for you. This will also preserve your item properly inside the package.

  • Mailer box

These types of packages are smaller almost like any envelop of the document and they have square sides too.

  • Custom mailer envelope

Envelopes are so designed that the receiver will think as if he is receiving a love letter.

  • Rigid envelope

There are paperboard layer is also added and that makes it more rigid.

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